1. Visit the Balance page and copy your Smart-Wallet address.

Click on the icon next to the 'Smart-Wallet' address to copy it.

  1. Go to the Non-Custodial Exchange platform Changenow and select the cryptocurrency you want to “Send”. For this guide, we will use Bitcoin (BTC) as the cryptocurrency to “Send”, and select USDT (Polygon) as the cryptocurrency to “Get”. Then, press the “Exchange” button. (BEWARE) Do not send any other crypto, Smart-Wallet only supports USDT on Polygon.

Changenow offers various exchange directions. Always choose to 'Get' USDT on Polygon if you are sending directly to your Smart-Wallet. Do not send anything else, Krater only supports USDT on Polygon.

  1. You will now see the exchange details and will be prompted to enter the “Recipient Address”. This address should be the Smart-Wallet address that you copied previously from Krater’s Balance page. Paste the address and click “Next”.

Paste the previously copied Smart-Wallet address as the 'Recipient Wallet'.

  1. At this point, you will see the exchange confirmation and will be asked to agree to the terms. Click “Confirm”.

Always ensure that all the entered information is accurate.

  1. The amount and the address where you need to send the cryptocurrency will be displayed. Copy the address or scan the QR Code and send the selected cryptocurrency.

Send the selected crypto with the required amount to the prompted address. This can be done manually or by scanning the QR Code and selecting the correct amount.

  1. Once you have sent the cryptocurrency, the status of the order will change from “Awaiting Deposit” to “Confirming”. When your transaction reaches the required number of confirmations, the exchange will be completed. Now, you just need to wait.

After you have sent the selected crypto, your exchange will be completed once it reaches the required number of confirmations on the blockchain.

  1. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the exchange, and USDT (Polygon) has been sent to the “Recipient Address”, which in this case is the “Smart-Wallet” address.

Congratulations! Your non-custodial exchange has been completed.

  1. After returning to the Krater Balance page, you will see that the USDT is now there, and you are ready to interact with Krater.

You can observe that your balance on Krater has increased.