1. In order to add machines to Krater, you first need to create Customers. If the machines are on sale and do not belong to any Customer yet but are still property of the Provider, please create a Customer for this purpose.

  2. Before you start, ideally you should get your workers ready on a spreadsheet. Until Krater’s network scanner is ready you can use BTCTools to export your workers. You can then edit that export to look similar to this Spreadsheet.

Google Sheets.

  1. Once the customers whose machines will be added are all created and ready go to the Workers section on the Sidebar and click on Add Workers.

Press 'Add Workers' button.

  1. Select the location where you would like to add the machines.

Select the desired 'Location'.

  1. Select the customer to which you would like to add machines. In our example “Morad Abdullah”.

  2. Select the Worker model.

  3. Finally copy and paste the cells corresponding to each field in the next screens.

Copy/Paste all the required fields.

All your workers should be added to the dashboard after these steps.