The “Workers” section of our dashboard provides detailed information about each individual worker or model of the hardware. On clicking a specific worker, the “Worker Details” pane unveils, presenting the following viewing options and actions:

Worker Details

This area offers a comprehensive overview of the worker’s specifications.

About Worker

  • IP: Displays the worker’s assigned IP address.
  • MAC: Showcases the worker’s MAC address.
  • Location: Current physical or assigned location of the worker.
  • Owner: Denotes the individual or entity monetarily and legally responsible for the worker.
  • Serial Number: The manufacturer-provided unique identifier of the worker.
  • Status: The current operational condition of the worker (i.e., working, underperforming, stopped, needs repair/broken, maintenance mode).
  • Hashrate: Indicates the amount of computational power that the worker contributes to the mining operation.
  • Power: Highlights the amount of electrical energy consumed by the worker.
  • Temperature: Current internal temperature condition of the worker.
  • Last Online: The most recent timestamp marking the connectivity of the worker.
  • Fan Speed: Measures the pace of the worker’s cooling fan in rotations per minute.
  • Hashboards: A snap of data concerning the worker’s hashboards, vital for mining cryptocurrencies.
  • Pool Information: Enumerates details about the mining pool where the worker is performing.
  • Events: A log of the latest operational or system events pertaining to the worker.

Worker Actions

Users have direct access to perform the following functions in the “Worker Details” section:

  • Change Location, Owner, Host, Serial Number, MAC Address, Container: These editing options enable users to adjust key details of the worker as per their requirements.
  • Find Model: Identify the specific model of the worker.
  • Remove Worker: Delete the worker from the system if it is no longer in use or needed.
  • Enable Hash Power: Activate the worker’s contribution to the computation power of the network.
  • Disable Hash Power: Turn off the worker’s hashboards completely.
  • Reboot: Restart the worker.
  • Maintenance Mode: Switch the worker to a low-activity upkeep state.
  • Change Pool: Transition the worker to contribute to a different mining pool if desired.
  • Get MAC Address: Fetch the Media Access Control address that identifies the worker on the network.


Full view of worker details.