The Hosting Payment Flow.

Krater has developed a smart-contract-based system with Smart-Wallets to simplify billing for hosting. Each user on the platform has a Smart-Wallet designed for use within Krater’s ecosystem.

The Smart-Wallet automates hosting payments based on Energy Reports and allows marketplace interactions such as buying or selling hardware.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The Hosting Provider sets up the Energy Rate per kWh in the “Locations” settings.
  2. Krater measures the energy consumption of the hardware and generates an “Energy Report” for each location.
  3. The value of consumed kWh is multiplied by the Energy Rate set by the Hosting Provider.
  4. The hosting payment is automatically transferred, at 00:00 UTC daily, from the Miner’s wallet to the Hosting Provider’s wallet.
  5. Both Miners and Hosting Providers can withdraw USDT from their Smart-Wallets at any time.

Overall, Krater’s Smart-Wallets allow for seamless interactions with-in the platform while giving the full control of the funds to the users.