1. Visit the Krater Dashboard and click on the “Balance” button to be redirected to the wallet set up page.

Click on the “Balance” button.

  1. You will be prompted to set up your personal “Smart Wallet.” This smart contract-based wallet is designed for interacting with Krater’s platform.

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button, make sure you have Metamask Wallet extension.

  1. Connect your preferred Ethereum wallet (at this time only Metamask is supported) to your Krater account. This will enable you to access and manage your smart wallet seamlessly.

Select an account in Metamask and press “Next”.

  1. Before you can proceed with creating the smart wallet, you will need to switch to the Polygon Mainnet Network.

Switch network to “Polygon Mainnet”.

  1. After the Polygon Network was added to your Metamask and selected you will be able to click on “Create Smart-Wallet” button.

Press “Create Smart Wallet”.

  1. To create the wallet, you will need to provide your signature. This transaction occurs on the blockchain, but we subsidize the transactions for our users so that they do not have to pay for gas fees. Your signature will be sufficient.

Metamask extension will pop up and ask for a signature, click “Sign” to proceed.

  1. Congratulations! Your Smart-Wallet has been created and deployed to the Polygon Blockchain. You can now use your wallet to start interacting with Krater.

Congratulations, the wallet has been successfully deployed to Polygon and ready to be used.