What is a Sitemap

The Sitemap is a visual representation of the physical layout of a mining data center. It shows the precise location of miners on racks, allowing the operators to monitor temperature, status of miners, performance and their physical location using identifiers such as name, IP, or MAC address in a visual way.

Krater’s Sitemap

Krater extends a comprehensive Sitemap feature for its users. It enables creating a detailed floor plan within the platform, inclusive of a heat map to mark hot and cold spots in the layout. It also allows users to locate a miner using identifying credentials such as name, IP, or MAC address.

How To Use The Sitemap Feature?

Click on the “Sitemap” tab in the left menu and look for the “Add Rack” button. You will be prompted to enter the rack name, location, container (if previously created), description, rack length, and height. After that you will need to select workers that will be added to that rack, confirm the selection and the rack will be added. Finally you can re-organize the “virtual” devices by clicking on Swap and then dragging and dropping the miners onto their right positions.

How To Get My Miners Ordered By IP?

The operator can easily create a DHCP allocation for the Switch to which the devices on a Rack are connected. Keeping the devices plugged to power but disconnected from the network, the operator can then plug the devices one by one in whichever order they desire to have their IP addresses organized (for example from bottom left to top right). The devices will obtain sequentially increasing IP addresses which will help to then organize the rack via drag & drop.