Krater Node is the piece of software making up the Krater stack that runs locally inside the network of a location and serves as a link between the workers/miners and our backend.

On Krater, each Location has a Krater Node ID associated to it. Each Krater Node runs locally and is associated with the corresponding ID. This association happens during the installation process of Krater Node locally when the user is asked to paste the Krater Node ID with which the local instance will be associated.

The user can install more than one instance of Krater Node locally, thus having more than one location monitored from the same machine. The only requirement is that the computer running these Krater Node instances needs to have access to the LANs of each of the locations (via physical ethernet connection, VPN, etc…).

Once the Krater Node is installed locally, the user can see this by navigating to the Locations menu and clicking on the Krater Node button of the Location that was associated. The screen will show “Activated” and a “Last Online” time of less than 5min. If the “Last Online” time is above 5min and this doesn’t change after refreshing the page, then your Krater Node local instance might have lost connection to the internet or there might be some other issue