Energy Consumption Monitoring

Energy management is a critical part of any Bitcoin or proof-of-work mining process. Monitoring energy consumption is therefore necessary. With the Krater Node, this data can be accessed directly from the mining hardware at near real-time rates, updating every 5 minutes. This provides crucial information about the status of the hardware. It is imperative to keep the Krater Node online at all times. If there are internet connectivity issues or server downtime, it won’t be able to send any data to our backend, resulting in incomplete energy reports.

Calculation Algorithms

Krater has developed comprehensive algorithms for all major hardware manufacturers, such as Bitmain, Microbt, Canaan, etc. These algorithms factor in all respective models, like Antminers, Whatsminers, Avalons, and others. The algorithms are designed to calculate energy consumption accurately. We conduct necessary tests against the energy meters to ensure the precision of these calculations.

Measurement Automation with Krater

Previously, monitoring energy consumption was a laborious task. It involved complex calculations for every customer, usually done via spreadsheet tools. Contrarily, with Krater, this process is significantly simplified and automated.

Energy Report Generation

Krater automates the generation of energy consumption reports daily at 00:00 UTC. These daily reports are aggregated to form a comprehensive monthly energy report. As a Hosting Provider, you’ll receive energy reports that encompass all the hardware and respective customers. In addition, your customers get individual energy reports for their hardware, ensuring transparency on both ends. Accessing these reports is simple: navigate to “Customers,” select a specific customer, and click on the “Power” card.

Relation Between Energy Reports and Automated Web-3 Payments

In Krater’s ecosystem, energy reports play a central role. They form the basis for “Hosting Payment Automation” or what we call “Web3 Payments.” These refer to invoicing and web3 hosting payments executed with Krater’s Smart-Wallet. These reports also serve as the input for determining base kWh rates and “Price Tiers” under the “Locations” section.