Optimize Mining Operations With Curtailment

Many operators strive to optimize their mining operations and operational expenditure by capitalizing on curtailment programs such as peak demand response, demand response, synchronized reserve, and more. Additionally, some operators take advantage of time-based rates like off-peak rates. Recognizing these operational necessities, Krater has developed features to accommodate both scenarios: API-Based Curtailment and Schedule-Based Curtailment.

API-Based Curtailment

Automated Magic.

This feature allows for smooth integration with your Curtailment Service Provider (CSP) via their API.

By connecting Krater Curtailment with your mining setup, you can automate load adjustments, keeping your operation running optimally. It’s an excellent choice for those using programs such as demand response, peak demand response, and synchronized reserve, among others.

How to use: Navigate to the “Curtailment” tab and click on the “Connect API” button. From the ensuing options, select your CSP or request integration with another CSP if not listed. Once you have entered the required credentials, the system will automate the curtailment process based on the provided API.

Schedule-Based Curtailment

Flexible Scheduling.

Introduce a higher level of flexibility and control with our schedule-based curtailment feature.

With this, you can set predefined schedules for load adjustments that align with peak demand periods and your operational necessities. It is particularly handy for those aiming to take advantage of off-peak rates.

How to use: Within the “Curtailment” tab, click the “Create Schedule” button. Input the desired name of the Schedule and select the workers that will participate in it. Next, choose the specific dates and times for the Curtailment. It’s worth noting that you can assign multiple schedules simultaneously to the same workers.